Saturday, 2 February 2013

MUA Lipstick - shade 15 (Juicy)

(available online and in Superdrug stores for £1)

I used to be a huge fan and advocate of MUA but recently I feel like their reputation after their recent online voucher discount fiasco has tarnished the brand slightly. Nevertheless I purchased this in a bulk online quite a while ago!

The first thing I've noticed is that they're beginning to label lipsticks more with names which makes things far easier when wanting to find the perfect one. The packaging is always very simple, yet stylish, which is something I love about MUA. It has a very sleek feel to it although the products themselves are very affordable.

There are no real claims on the website as for what is expected of the product which is a little disappointing - it is just reiterated that the price is only £1! The colour itself comes across as a salmon-pink with tones of peach and coral running through. To look at it can be seen to be quite shiny and potentially moisturising although, obviously, with no claims come no real expectations!

The lipstick itself applies smoothly and easily and it comes out slightly lighter on the lips than expected. With the wrong colour foundation it can clash slightly and look too pale which isn't ideal for me as I prefer definite pinks as opposed to this which I'd say is more of a peach.
It has an average staying power of 1 - 3 hours depending on activity (i.e drinking/eating) which is good given the costing. The formula itself though dries rather 'cakey' and feels like it clings to my lips. Before application it would probably be advised to buff lips or use a gloss to avoid this.
Overall this is a decent product although some aspects to reflect the price.

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