Thursday, 7 February 2013

MUA eyebrow pencil - brunette

(Available online or from Superdrug stores for £1)
I'll admit it, I never used to be an 'eyebrow' fan. With such light eyebrows I used to completely ignore them and let them grow and occasionally (beauty error) shave them! Now, I can safely say I use tweezers and pencil them in with the rest of my other make-up. It's safe to say that eyebrows well and truly frame the face.
I purchased this MUA brush online as I loved the idea of having soft bristles to shape at one end with a pencil at the other end. In all honesty I should probably have purchased the blonde shade but I prefer a striking looking eyebrow.
The brush, as shown above, has smooth bristles so that it doesn't tug on eyebrows but gently shapes them into place. The only issue I've found with this is that it doesn't shape my 'brows as nicely as I'd like and they need some extra tweaking to keep them in place.
The pencil itself is faultless - with a soft texture it doesn't drag on the eyebrow too much but just darkens them nicely. It allows to build up the eyebrow with precision and without making too dramatic look (I'm not one for a Scouse 'brow)! And it's a complete steal at just £1. This is something I'd repurchase over again and have no doubts about the quality of the product.

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