Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hi guys! 
Just to let you know I've got some blog posts on the way and as well as reviews I've given my hand at outfit posts - eep! Hopefully you'll catch them at some point. Until then here's my busy month so far...

got a hair chop (subsequently after I moved it back to a side fringe) | long journey back to pompey | back in my uni bed after xmas! tip: clean your room before you get back

for anyone that knows that i can't cook - times are changing! | my staple juice | treaaats!

i've also been out and drinking (ofc) back at uni. though i've been sensible and i'm doing work pretty much every day. i've got a 15 minute tv show and a 10 minute one soon as well as making a film, doing a promo video and lots and lots of other work!

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