Saturday, 9 February 2013

NYC indivudual eyes: Smokin' palette

(Available here and from Superdrug stores for £3.99)
New York Colour is a range brought over to the UK relatively recently and are good quality products at low quality prices - similar to the MUA range that is so often talked about as of late.
These palettes come in three colours - brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes - although the only one available in my local store was the blue eyes (mine are green). The palette itself comes with a primer, illuminator and 4 colours to highlight and contour eyes. It claims to identify and highlight specific eye colours.

The palette itself comes with instructions on the back as to how to effectively create a smoky eye which is like a mini tutorial and perfect for people that aren't sure how to apply eye colour. For me though, my eyes are small so I prefer not contourign with such a dark colour and use the highlight as a base colour to blend into. This is, of course, up to the individual.
The colours themselves range from a gold to a slightly darker and more steel shade and then onto a dark gold and finally a warm brown. Unfortunately, I have a vice against glittery eyeshadows and prefer more matte colours although these are not overly glittery and add a hint of shimmer as opposed to all over.
Unfortunately, as my eyes are green, I cannot determine as to whether it intensifies eye colour although I can't imagine it does too much work on colour itself but instead the shades compliment each other. This is a gorgeous smoky eye kit that is slightly more subtle than using darker black shades. The palette is perfect for 'first time blenders' that have not worked with a full kit before and, considering the price tag, it's a good little find!

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