Sunday, 30 December 2012

Instagram: The University Edition

So, as I'm sure you guys are aware - I've just finished my first term at university and I'm absolutely loving it! I've been so busy I haven't had time to fully update so here you go with what I've been missing you out on lately. Hope you're all well.

longest coach trip to uni | my notice board | all day brunch was seriously needed | 21st card from my best babe

freshly made bed | my favourites' autobiographies | standard uni pre-drinks | hangover roastie

declan aka calvin harris | bad coursework | saviour for colds | pub quizzy

the cutest pub | the best of all the food | gold nail varnish | cute slippers were needed

last night out in portsmouth of 2012 | adopted flatties xmas dinner | alfie's face | back to the night shift!

belated 21st birthday cake | meet henry | xmas prezzies | my kindle ♥

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