Monday, 10 September 2012

MUA Gel Eyeliner in Underground

 (available from Superdrug & MUA online for £3)

As I've previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of the MUA range. They are a brand that have high quality products at a low price that are affordable for even the most budget of beauty shoppers! They have lots of new additions including this Gel Liner.

This particular eyeliner comes in 4 shades: Underground (black), Fairground (grey), On the Move (brown) and Tribe (blue). This makes a change from the typical just black which makes a change, however I plumped for Underground as it's a colour that goes with how I've been doing my make-up lately.

Finding the brush was a little mission at first. I had no idea where on earth to find it and thought I may have to use my own brush. But there is a small indent on the bottle (on the large picture it is just below the sticker showing the colour of the gel liner) which I think they should perhaps make a slight bit more obvious. This makes it handy for on the go applications to whip out your make-up bag and use whenever, wherever.

The brush itself is wonderful. Its bristles are stiff but relax onto the eye making the gel smooth to apply whilst still retaining its shape. This not only makes application a lot easier but its a dream to hold without feeling too flimsy or a pain to put on. 

Previous gel liners I've tried are very stiff and take a little warming up to take the liner out of the pot. The MUA gel eyeliner is perfect though - only a little is needed to build up an eyeliner effect which stands out. The formula itself is smooth and blends perfectly on my eyelid without creasing or losing pigmentation.

The colour itself is bold and vibrant - a lot of other liners can be glittery. This feels like a mix of both liquid and pencil eyeliner - taking the softness of the pencil and the pigmentation/boldness of liquid without taking forever to dry or looking chalky. It takes the best of both worlds.

Having used this eyeliner several times I am very impressed at its staying power and refusal to smudge. As you can see creating different lines and textures is easy and versatile looks can be made in an instant. Another 5* for MUA - very impressive! 

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