Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Simple Radiance Brightening Eye Cream

(Available from Boots, Sainsburys and Superdrug from £7.99/15ml)
I received this as part of a recommendation from Simple after discussing products I may be interested in. This will not sway my judgement on the product itself.

Simple Skincare is a British brand that prides themselves on skincare products designed for even the most sensitive skin. I first came across Simple several years ago when I found their moisturiser which I have grown to love and use daily. The Simple Radiance range was recently released which is described as being 'perfect for women over the age of 25'. I'm nearing the age of 21 so this may be slightly for those more older but due to the constraints of work and late nights I definitely need something to perk up my tired looking skin so this is the perfect range for me and my current situation. 

The packaging itself is consistent with the Simple range which evokes a sense of quality but gives across the main points and remains, as the brand is defined by, Simple. I love the highlights of yellow which reflect the mango and the 'brightening' theme. 

The range itself all contain Mango extract to hydrate and refine the skin whilst light reflecting particles brighten the skin. I've never used an eye cream before but recently my eyes were looking quite tired after too many late nights/nights out so I thought I'd give it a go. Simple describe this product as a 'perfect blend of ingredients and light reflecting particles to help to moisturise and visibly brighten your delicate eye area'. Obviously I was slightly intrigued as to how it could brighten eyes as such as, unless it's using eye drops directly inserted into eyes, I didn't see how eyes could necessarily appear brighter.

The formula itself is white and thick in consistently but spreads out evenly, much like a gel. Obviously you have to be very careful around the eye area so I use a tiny amount and dab it on where it sinks into the skin. I can barely feel it and it doesn't appear greasy or combine with my make-up. It settles without disturbing my rather sensitive eyes.

This almost feels like a primer and using it on my eye area does indeed make my skin look fresher and perks my eyes up. I'm not entirely sure how it does this so in my eyes (ironically) it's pretty genius! It makes me look much more awake and I need to use less concealer/foundation around my eye area when I have this product on. This is definitely a winner for me and having not used eye creams before as I'm getting (slightly) older I'll be looking into them more. I'll be looking more into Simple's eye products as well.

As you can see it blends to a clear formula with a slight sheen so it doesn't disrupt or look awkward combining with other skincare routines.

P.S just a little note about packaging. How cute is this little note up the side of the box! It's always nice to see a package with lots of information and something to make you smile. 

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